Back from Oaxaca, Mexico

I just returned from two weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was my fourth time there, and though this is one of the first times I was not giving concerts while there, I had an incredible and wickedly busy time nonetheless.

And I have pictures. Lots of pictures. You can see the majority of them on my Facebook album page of the trip.

But also, here are some highlights:

To some, it may have looked like a shack. But to Sylvia, it was wealth and dreams coming true. She spent her whole life making clay pottery, and we were there to learn about her work. She showed us how to work the raw, wet mud with our feet, and graciously let us play with her granddaughter as we learned how the pottery baked and hardened in the earth. Her family supplied is with unfinished mugs and statues so that we could design the details into the soft clay, while feeding us traditional food and drink. Her passion was eternal, her triumph well deserved – for she is the first Oaxacan indigenous women to have her work exhibited by MoMA in New York City.

In the end we purchased many vases and statues and were washed over in gratitude for sharing her home and her work. Of all the memories of this trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, this day was one of the most authentic, precious and kind. Learn more about Sylvia and the 1050° Ceramics Collective here.

Right after I demolished the piñata at a party at Impact Hub Oaxaca, a heavy rainstorm poured over the celebration unexpectedly. What did everyone do at that moment? They did not run, they did not hide. Hell no! Instead they danced in the rain for hours. It was one of my favorite magical moments of this trip.

Besides the many amazing dance parties, one of my favorite aspects of the trip is all of the amazing street art I came across. My favorite series is below, and I have no idea who the artist is… wish I knew.

There was so much street art, that the trip actually infused my passion for the form. Here’s more images by known and unknown (to me) artists. The first images are by Swoon, I recognize her. And the UniWolfCheetah is by my friend Diana Garcia.

If anyone can tell me the names of any of the artists who created this work, please let me know.

There’s a lot more beauty to see from the Oaxaca trip, but it’s too much to post here. Feel free to check out the album on Facebook to see the color and glory of Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico.

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